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The Eames Plastic Chairs Collection Is Now 100% Recyclable

The iconic Eames Plastic chair is now made from all recyclable materials.


Vitra’s latest rendition of the iconic Eames Plastic Chairs, dubbed the “RE” version, is a fresh take on a timeless classic. Originating in the 1950s, these chairs have undergone a sustainable makeover, swapping out the traditional petroleum-based plastic for a seat crafted from recycled materials sourced from used packaging. This eco-conscious update not only breathes new life into the design but also aligns with contemporary environmental concerns, making it a stylish choice with a conscience. With its distinctive specks of pigment, each chair boasts a unique character, adding a touch of individuality to any space. Whether you opt for the sleek Side Chair or the inviting Armchair, the Eames Plastic RE collection effortlessly blends style and sustainability.

Now available through Vitra or Herman Miller in the US, the Eames Plastic RE chairs are more than just furniture; they’re a statement of conscious design. Perfect for modern interiors seeking a touch of retro flair with a contemporary twist, these chairs invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fusion of iconic aesthetics and eco-friendly innovation.

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