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10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For the Man in Your Life 10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For the Man in Your Life
10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For the Man in Your Life

A well-curated selection of watches, travel blazers, thoughtful tech, and more to make Valentine's Day gifting for him easy this year.

Beyond Time: CITIZEN’s 30-Year Lunar Innovation
Beyond Time: CITIZEN’s 30-Year Lunar Innovation

The Tsuki-yomi A-T by CITIZEN is a first of its kind, featuring a groundbreaking light-powered Atomic Timekeeping moonphase movement.

Rare Finds: John Hardy’s Biannual Archive Sale
Rare Finds: John Hardy’s Biannual Archive Sale

The holidays may be over, but now couldn't be a better time to snag artisan-crafted jewelry with John Hardy's Biannual Archive Sale. Featuring an enticing 30% off, discover exclusive prices on gold, sterling silver, and gemstones, including rare archival pieces and heritage John Hardy gems. Act fast, as this online-only…

50 Under $50: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

It's almost Mother's Day - the special day in May where we all celebrate the strong women in our lives that keep us feeling loved, nurtured and encouraged. Whether that's your own mom, the mother to your children, your grandma or even an inspiring female mentor, motherhood comes in many…

50 Under $50: Fifty Awesome Gifts Under Fifty Bucks Each

You’re not going to give everyone on your list an expensive new camera or the latest gaming system. For the most part, you need gifts that are affordable but still awesome. Well, when it comes to killer stocking stuffers, you’re in the right place. This is a collection of 50…

The 8 Best Gifts That Give Back

It’s up to us, the customers, to find the charities that actually help the people they say they’re helping and not to support ones where they end up accidentally (or purposefully) harming people. We’ve tried to sort through and find companies that deliver on the promises they make, so if…

The 16 Best Gifts for Someone’s Home

It can be hard to find good gifts that align with someone’s hobby. If they’re super into something, they are going to know the great products better than you. Make it easier on yourself and, next time you’re over their place, take a look around and see what they could…

The 10 Best Gifts from the Cool Material Shop

We carefully select every item we stock in the Cool Material Shop. Nothing hits our shelves unless we personally want to own it. Since that’s the case, we think there are a lot of awesome gift options in store for you when you stop by. Of all the gear we…