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Biking at night can be terrifying, dangerous or downright painful depending on where you are and what you’re riding. You can mitigate some of the risk with front and rear lights, reflectors or special clothing, but none of that really addresses visibility from the side. Elite, an Italian firm of cycling enthusiasts, wants to help address some of that with their new Candea bottle. Built with a highly-efficient MicroLED that can be used in high visibility, energy saving or blink modes, each bottle helps with visibility while still allowing you to carry up to 650ml of water. No additional gear required with huge added safety benefits makes the price tag absolutely worth it.


Whether it’s a weekend camping trip, long train ride or a wedding, a proper flask is a great companion for any adventure. There’s no better option than Jacob Bromwell® luxury flasks. Jacob Bromwell® has been individually handcrafting flasks in the same way and ravishing fashion for more than two centuries–with the same attention to detail, quality and high-end materials that make every final product an heirloom piece. Whether you opt for their Copper or Pewter Flask, Jacob Bromwell® is a luxury liquor transportation device with no equal. Get yours for up to 75% off here.