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6 Good-Looking Nalgene Water Bottles for Big Time Hydration

6 Good-Looking Nalgene Water Bottles for Big Time Hydration

The Nalgene wide-mouth water bottle is a popular drinking vessel among adventurers because it’s lightweight, holds 32 ounces of water, and has a cap you can’t lose. All that adds up to the perfect sidekick for hydration during a long day on the trail. Recently, however, the humble Nalgene has turned into a bit of a stylish accessory, one to showcase some personality, whether through a collection of stickers (“slaps”) or through a limited edition bottle. If you’re looking for big league hydration we recommend one of the following good-looking Nalgene water bottles.

Mister Green Bong Water

As more and more states adopt recreational marijuana use—or at least medical marijuana use—we’ve seen a shift away from the lazy stoner stereotype. Mister Green is a store that embraces this change, as they fashion themselves a lifestyle brand built around evolving smoking culture. If you’re known to enjoy some flowers on occasion, consider this Nalgene water bottle. Playful and direct, it makes no bones about what you enjoy in your spare time. Hey, that dry mouth isn’t going to solve itself. $23

REI Co-op 

This REI Nalgene looks straight out of the summer of love, which kinda makes sense considering Nalgene water bottles have long been popular among the hippie crowd. Whether you identify as one or not, you have to appreciate the colorful, retro design splashed across the front of this wide-mouth water bottle. It sort of looks like a graphic that would run before a Saturday morning cartoon, and anything that reminds us of those glory days is good in our book. $11

Online Ceramics Nalgene Water Bottle

Online Ceramics has gained quite the cult following as of late, with articles in GQ and their gear getting the thumbs up from John Mayer. The limited run tie-dye shirts sell out quickly, so you best believe the Nalgene they offer follows suit. Still, if you’re a Deadhead or just a fan of the artistic style of Elijah Funk and Alix Ross, keep checking the Online Ceramics site until one of the colorways returns. $25

Arrowhead Nalgene Water Bottle

Want a more outdoorsy vibe? A bunch of national parks offer a Nalgene from their respective gift shop, but no park does it as sharply as Arrowhead Provincial Park in Ontario. This bright blue Nalgene is emblazoned with the National Park Service logo, which happens to be in the shape of an arrowhead. It’s your classic durable, leak-proof, lightweight water bottle you know and love, but one that’s extra ready for some time in the wilderness. $15

Imminent Threat Solutions Nalgene Bottle

We’ve featured gear from Imminent Threat Solutions (ITS) before, as the brand’s survival goods often find their way into our camping packs. Admittedly, we also dig them because their logo is cool, and that’s great news because it’s splashed across the front of this Nalgene. Available in both Smoke Gray and Glow-in-the-Dark (great for campsites), the ITS Nalgene boasts the badass ITS logo and even jives with the Skeletonized Bottle Holders the company sells. $13

Powers Kilroy Nalgene Bottle

Eric Elms spent years working with big names like Vans, Supreme, and Beams. When he decided it was time to launch his own brand, he turned to Kyle Ng of Brain Dead to get something off the ground. That something is Powers, a brand defined by big, fun graphics. That’s just what you’ll find on this Nalgene, which features the cartoon Kilroy on the front. $30

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