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Driving and trying to find the opening in your water bottle so you can take a sip is challenging. We’re not sure how many others do this, but we use our tongue to feel around for the slot. It’s ridiculous. Lyd is a clever water bottle that senses when your lips make contact. Yes, it sounds like sorcery, but Lyd will only allow for the flow of water—or whatever beverage you store inside—when you place your mouth on it. Not in one particular spot, either; Lyd offers 360-degree access, so you no longer have to do recon with your tongue. Better yet, because of the technology, Lyd won’t spill when you place it in your bag since it won’t open without your lips on it. Available in two sizes—13 oz and 17 oz—Lyd vacuum insulated to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. You can back Lyd on Kickstarter.


Fulton & Roark’s solid fragrances have received tons of attention over the years because they’re perfect for guys who travel, get ready at the gym or want to smell great. Unlike other “loud” spray colognes, this is a more subtle way of wearing cologne and you can keep it in your pocket to reapply when necessary. Their new Limited Reserve scent Medicine Bow smells like fresh leaves, citrus, and just a hint of cannabis–plus, the first 1,000 units come in a custom matte white case that looks as good as this stuff smells. Get yours now.