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We’re living in some pretty strange times right now. We’re trying to keep as much of a sense of normalcy as possible while still staying protected. That’s where the O2 Curve mask comes in. The O2 Curve provides superior protection with a better seal and more breathability than any other respirator, and it provides a premium breathing experience without compromising comfort or style. What’s more, the personal and controlled breathing space the mask creates improves every breath you take so you can experience more of life.

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Mizzen+Main has redefined workplace wardrobe with clothes that feel like athletic wear and look like custom tailored fits. Built on the belief that men deserve comfortable clothes that come with confidence, Mizzen+Main combine performance fabrics with modern silhouettes to create clothes that look great and feel even better. Machine-washable dress shirts made of light, breathable, sweat-wicking, wrinkle resistant, and active stretch material. Jackets, pants and pullovers that share similar properties and look just as good. Walk into work, the weekend and everywhere in between looking your best. Upgrade your wardrobe with Mizzen+Main today.