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There’s nothing wrong with your average cooler, per se. But wouldn’t it be better if that giant box you had to lug to a campsite did a little more than just keep your beer and meats cold? Meet Infinite, a smart cooler with a bevy of unique functions. Yes, it will keep those brews cold, but that’s just the start of it. The Infinite cooler is also packed with a wireless charger, Bluetooth speakers, a removable power bank, an LED torch light, 360° camera, bottle opener, and a storage box. That doesn’t mean the company skimped on performance, though, as the cooler will keep items cold for up to a week and features a “chill divider” to separate and cool different items. There’s more. It also features a removable cutting board, disposable plates and utensils, and a blender. You can back the Infinite cooler on Indiegogo right now.


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