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The Cooler Keg Lets You Take Draft Beer With You Anywhere

The Cooler Keg Lets You Take Draft Beer With You Anywhere

We’re willing to bet that every single one you reading this owns at least one cooler. The summer staple has gone through construction changes and slight style modifications over the years, but the core purpose remains the same–an insulated, movable box that keeps things (particularly beer) cold anywhere. As much as we love cold beer from a can or bottle, it’s always better from the tap. That’s where the appropriately named Cooler Keg comes in. Fill the two refillable 228oz kegs (that can hold up to 36 beers or 72 cocktails), put them in the Cooler Keg, add the two reusable ice packs, attach the lines, and then start pouring your frosty draft beverages. The kegerator system is fully self-contained, so you don’t have to worry about exposed lines or hand-pumping ever again. You can even remove the keys, draft system, and tap tower if you want to use the durable, stainless steel cooler by itself. The Cooler Keg also gets bonus points because it eliminates your need to carry out all your empties.

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