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Anker’s EverFrost Brings the Cooler Convo to the Next Level

Anker’s EverFrost Brings the Cooler Convo to the Next Level

Being jaded by all of the conveniences of modern technology today, there are few items which really impress me anymore. With Anker’s EverFrost cooler, I have to say – I get the hype. With summer around the corner, this cooler has just about any feature you’ll need for a night by the camp fire or on a road trip.

While there are, of course, powered coolers on the market, Anker already sets itself apart by utilizing solar energy to fuel its cooling mechanism. Not only that, but it features a 299Wh battery, that can be charged as needed in the car with a detachable cord.

That power can also be used to charge other devices with its built-in USB-C and USB-A ports to keep your other devices charged on a longer trip.

Now, let’s talk about its cooling capacity. On a full charge, it can keep temperatures at a sustained 39 degrees Fahrenheit for up to a whopping 42 hours. And with no ice, the capacity of this cooler is open for even more storage (depending on the size you choose, it can range from 33 to 53 liters).

Currently, it’s available to back on Kickstarter with tiered pledges depending on how much you want to back this project. But I’m sure that you’ll want to pledge early. I have a feeling that, come July, this will be heavy in your weekend rotation.

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