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fireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter Case

fireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter Case

In the outdoors, fire is essential. You need to it create fire for warmth, cook food and smores and make coffee in the morning. Zippos are a great lighter for the outdoors, but they’re not waterproof and run out of fluid. Bic lighters, while not windproof, last almost forever, are readily available and don’t require additional fluid. Exotac is taking the standard Bic lighter one step further with their new fireSLEEVE. The high quality thermoplastic elastomer fireSLEEVE takes a Bic and makes it waterproof using a special cap. Oh yeah, it also makes it float, prevents the gas from accidentally being engaged, has a gas lock so you don’t burn your fingers, makes the lighter easier to grip and has two separate mounting points to attach to keys or lanyards. When your Bic does run out of juice (it comes with a lighter already installed), just slide a new one inside the fireSLEEVE.

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