Lexdray Classified Collection Bags

When was the last time you were travelling and had ample space for all your necessities? Screw the 1-quart Ziplock, we’re talking about the important stuff: camera, laptop, iPhone, sunglasses, pens, moleskine, and the magazine you inevitably pick up at the airport. Lexdray understands the dilemma you go through every time you have to choose between FHM and Stuff so they made the Classified Collection Bags so you’d never have to go through it again. With weather-resistant fabrics, military grade hardware, and fleece-lined laptop sleeves your protection is starting to look more appealing than the package itself.


Vaer has been one of our favorite watchmakers for as long as we can remember because they produce new, classic watches based on iconic designs. Case in point, the Vaer G5 Meridian watch you see here. This timepiece is a 1950s-inspired 20ATM automatic watch that’s USA-assembled, dual timezone, built with ocean-ready functionality, self-winding and the brand’s first true GMT (the latest version of their core dive watch design). What’s more, it pays homage to other watches that are incredibly more expensive or hard to come by whilst also adding new aspects that makes this Vaer G5 Meridian watch more desirable than the other options in our opinion.