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Staying hydrated when you’re exploring the great outdoors or the backcountry can be easier said than done depending where you are. Carrying more water is certainly an option, but that’s going to weigh you down and run out eventually. Fontus is a Vienna-based startup that has a solution that’s as elegant as it is ingenious. They created two water bottles that make water out of light and air using proprietary technology and solar energy. Ryde attaches to your bike frame to gather water on the go, and Airo is the hand held / backpack option with a solar panel wrapped around it. Both bottles capture condensation at a rate of up to 0.8L per hour in the right conditions.


[Shop]  We might not all agree on watches, wallets or other pieces of the everyday carry, but the one thing we can all agree on is our mutual love of building things out of small bricks. Forget plastic building bricks that can only be used with specific mats and upgrade your conference call and boring meeting building with this 1:12 scale mini cinder block pallet set. With 24 miniature cinder blocks and one pallet per set, this has everything you need to build a great foundation for the big box creation of your dreams. Whether you’re making a small creation of your own devising with the 24 pieces that come with it, or adding multiples to build something more grandiose, this is the best way to build when you’re not using plastic.