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Say hello to the Chamber, a multi-tool that has thirteen different functions from an efficient T-bar head. Designed as a handheld canister that separates to reveal the bits you slide into the top (kind of like the Barbasol canister from the original Jurassic Park), it’s a simple and efficient way to get through most of your on-the-road bike maintenance—without inconveniencing your ride. Chamber is also available in a reversible ratchet model if you’re not into the fixed option. Both models are designed by UK-based house Fabric as part of their commitment to create improved cycling products that make all our rides better.

Cool Materials Ballistipac Image

If you thought you had a backpack that did it all, you’ve obviously never seen the Byrna Ballistipac. The Byrna Ballistipac is a bulletproof backpack that provides peace of mind and added protection in emergency situations. With its selection of armored panels, the Ballistipac can shield against bullets and other projectiles, making it a valuable tool for survival in dangerous and otherwise life-threatening situations. Oh yeah, and it works as a backpack too so you can carry all your essential survival gear and daily essentials. Upgrade your personal security with the Byrna Ballistipac today.