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Anker has consistently released some of the coolest, most feature-rich portable battery solutions on the market, but they’ve outdone themselves with the cinderblock-sized PowerHouse generator. Yeah, it’s big and weighs over 9lbs, but it’s still one of the smallest and lightest 400Wh power supplies on the market. What can you do with that much juice, an AC outlet and 4 fast-charging USB ports? You can recharged your phone 40 times. You can recharge your laptop 15 times. You can run a 15V light for over 100 hours. You can also run a mini-fridge for seven plus hours. In other words, if you’re looking for a way to be able to finish that entire last season of Game of Thrones you downloaded onto your tablet before the apocalypse hit, the Anker PowerHouse is it.


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