As much as we’d all like to be sipping our morning water out of mugs decorated with expletives and middle fingers, most office environments require you have a cool coffee mug that’s devoid of anything that would require getting HR involved. But that doesn’t mean you have to resort to mugs emblazoned with brand logos or paper cups when there are plenty of other cool coffee mugs out there. Here are 8 stylish coffee mugs fit for any office.


HMM Mugr

Japanese ceramic. Walnut or beech wood handle in an “r” shape. Tapered design that can be stacked thanks in part to that aforementioned handle. If you’re the kind of person that likes contrasting materials and textures, the HMM Mugr is what you want to be sipping your coffee out of at your desk in the morning.


Old Dutch International Copper Mug

Turns out the “Original Moscow Mule Mug” is also extremely capable of doing double duty as a coffee mug because of its solid copper construction, cast brass handle and insulating properties. Your coffee will stay hot. Your mug will look cool. And you can rinse it out at the end of the day for an adult beverage.


Falcon Enamelware Mug

The classic enamelware mug has been a staple drinking device for a lot of guys since they camped as kids because the mugs are durable, easy to clean and great for the outdoors. Falcon took the classic and manufactured it from heavyweight steel and thicker enamel for extra durability. They hold roughly 12oz (350ml), can withstand 530-degree temps, and are a great, slightly more stylish upgrade to the classic.


Osaka Borosilicate Glass Coffee Mugs

Osaka borosilicate glass coffee mugs give you what they describe as the “ultimate drinking experience” because they’re shaped in a way that prevents condensation from building up on the lip of the glass. It’s definitely noticeable, but we really like these mugs because they don’t retain flavor, they’re dishwasher and microwave safe, and they come in a two pack. Most importantly, they make us feel like Walter White.


Avito Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

Avito’s stainless steel mugs are made of 100% food grade, premium 18/8 304 stainless, keep drinks hot or cold and are sturdy enough to stand up to a fair bit of abuse in the office. The clean lines and smooth exterior are easy on the eyes, and the interior holds up to 14oz of the stuff you need to keep going throughout the day.


Caveman Coffee Mug

Handmade out of serpentinite rock and clay, each of these drinking mugs is truly unique and fittingly named. Despite being completely unique and handmade, the Caveman Coffee Mug is still dishwasher and microwave safe because of the quality construction and durable materials. Even if your daily hunt is only for inbox zero, this is a great vessel for a cup of java.


Shapes Mug

By combining the traditional shape and porcelain material of an average coffee mug with contemporary handles and high-end details, Aandersson’s Shapes porcelain mugs are sure to stand out at the office. The geometric shapes or fluid lines on the handles make them unique without making them difficult to use, and the matte exterior with contrasting high gloss interior adds one more level of cool.


Handmade Ceramic Mugs

Crutchfield Pottery has been in business for over three decades, and that kind of history shows in their expertly crafted stoneware mugs. Each of their handmade ceramic mugs holds 16oz of coffee, cocoa or tea without dripping and is microwave, dishwasher AND oven safe–unlike the mug you made for your mom back in high school pottery class. They’re simple, classic and come in a set of four so you’ll have enough to go around.

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