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The Highest Rated Beer From Every State

The Highest Rated Beer From Every State

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A Deal With The Devil

Barleywine • 17.30% ABV • 4.58 BA SCORE

A thick, strong, and very complex American Barleywine.

Dragoon IPA

IPA • 7.30% ABV • 4.17 BA SCORE

Lots of pine and lots of bitterness.


Wild Ale • 8.50% ABV • 4.74 BA SCORE

Tart, fruity, and one of the finest American Wilds around.


Wild Ale • 7.50% ABV • 4.49 BA SCORE

After sitting for 9 months in barrels with peaches, this Wild Ale is loaded with fruit.

Imperial CoCoNut PorTeR

Porter • 9.40% ABV • 4.2 BA SCORE

A bigger and better version of Maui Brewing Company’s killer Coconut Porter. Like a boozy candy bar.

Double Vision Doppelbock

Doppelbock • 8% ABV • 4.16 BA SCORE

Grand Teton nails a style that eludes many American craft brewers.

Tumbleweed IPA

IPA • 6.60% ABV • 4.33 BA SCORE

A nicely balanced IPA thanks to a hefty malt backbone.

Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout • 9.50% ABV • 4.11 BA SCORE

Don’t let the Plain Jane name fool you, this beer is actually wonderfully unique.

Father Nelson

Double IPA • 10.60% ABV • 4.49 BA SCORE

A wonderful Double IPA honoring Nelson Sauvin hops.

Black Raz Bu

Berliner Weissbier • 4.4% ABV • 4.61 BA SCORE

Tart and loaded with berries.

Big Bad Baptist

Imperial Stout • 11.80% ABV • 4.34 BA SCORE

Coffee, chocolate, and booze.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star: Coffee Edition

Imperial Stout • 11% ABV • 4.62 BA SCORE

For coffee junkies, this is a must-try.

Zonker Stout

Stout • 6% ABV • 4.18 BA SCORE

When you need a break from the bold Imperial Stouts, this foreign style one fits the bill.