The 5 Best Craft Beer Bars in Dublin

Visiting breweries and enjoying a few samples in their respective taprooms is a very American idea. While there are breweries you can visit in other countries around the world, many would raise a confused eyebrow if you ask for directions. For enjoying the best Irish brewers have to offer, hit up one of these bars.

5. P.Macs

Come for the craft beer but stay for the old-school Street Fighter arcade game and leveled-up pub food. Mixed in with American crafts from Founders, Sierra Nevada, and other giants is a nice selection of Irish brews worth trying. The bar has a feel that blends that of a traditional Irish pub and a Brooklyn spot full of board games and hipster character. (30 Stephen’s St. Lower) Link

4. Against the Grain

At the first bar opened by the Galway Bay Brewery group, you’ll clearly find plenty of the brewery’s offerings on tap. That’s not a bad thing. You’ll also find other Irish craft and U.S. craft beers among the 30 or so taps at this southside bar. If nothing there suits your fancy, take a gander at “The Holy Grail,” a fridge where they keep some of their nicest bottles. (11 Wexford Street) Link

3. Porterhouse Temple Bar

The first brewpub in Dublin—it opened in 1996—is still one of the best stops for an Irish craft brew or two. Located in the boisterous Temple Bar area of Dublin, this Porterhouse outpost pours their own brews, including their tremendous Celebration Stout, Oyster Stout, and others that are a bit lighter. With good food and live music, it’s your craft destination when partying in Temple Bar. (16-18 Parliament Street) Link

2. The Black Sheep

Yes, it’s another Galway Bay bar, so we’d recommend choosing between it and Against the Grain, but The Black Sheep is really, really good. Again, you’ll find some incredible Galway Bay beers which, if we’re being honest, can impress even the most well-traveled craft fan. But you can move on to other Irish craft brews from the likes of Trouble Brewing, Brehon Brewhouse, and others. You can even drink some gems from one of our favorite up-and-coming breweries, Siren—even if they’re from England. You can even fill a growler if you want to drink back at your hotel room. (61 Capel St.) Link

1. L. Mulligan. Grocer

The Brown Paper Bag Project isn’t the only thing the team of Michael Fogarty, Colin Hession, and Seáneen Sullivan have created. Their pub, L. Mulligan. Grocer, is a killer spot to stop in for an Irish craft pint or two. With four casks, plenty of taps, and an extensive bottle list, L. Mulligan. Grocer. has an Irish beer in every style you could imagine. From 8 Degrees to Bru, and with plenty of Brown Paper Bag Project in-between, they’ve got Ireland covered. And when you’ve had your Irish fill, they offer amazing beers from all over the world. Oh, and the food is killer, so sop up those suds with something hearty. (18 Stoneybatter) Link


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