The 5 Best Irish Craft Beers

5. Galway Bay Buried At Sea

At just 4.3% ABV, Buried At Sea follows in the tradition of the drinkable Irish stout. Unlike many of those, however, Galway Bay’s chocolate milk version is loaded with decadent flavors. Brewed with milk sugars and chocolate to give it a candy-like sweetness, Buried At Sea is balanced out by a creamy mouthfeel and a classic Irish dryness. Link

Irish Dry Stout • ABV: 4.3%

4. Eight Degrees The Full Irish

Fruity IPAs aren’t just an American thing. The Full Irish from Eight Degrees Brewing is a drinkable single malt IPA with a wonderful citrus aroma brewed in Cork. Released to universal praise back in 2014, the 6% IPA is packed with orange, lychee, grapefruit, and floral notes. Link

American IPA • ABV: 6.00%

3. Porterhouse Celebration Stout

For a country known for its lighter stouts, Celebration Stout from Porterhouse is proof the Irish can crank the stout volume to 11. While a 7% Russian Imperial Stout won’t entice many stateside craft beer drinkers—the beer was originally brewed at 10% ABV before being brought down to 7%—it is something you rarely see in Ireland. A nice and roasty stout that, while a tad weaker than you may be used to, is really, really tasty. Link

Russian Imperial Stout • ABV: 7.00%

2. The White Hag Black Boar

One of the finest beers we tasted in Ireland was one of the finest oatmeal stouts we’ve ever had. Black Boar from The White Hag is billed as an “Imperial Oatmeal Stout,” and the 10%+ ABV and creamy mouthfeel would attest to that. Tons of coffee notes blend with interesting dark fruit to make this one flavor-packed brew. It’s way too easy to drink at its alcohol level. Link

Imperial Stout • ABV: 10.20%

1. Galway Bay Of Foam and Fury

Simply put: Of Foam and Fury is the best Double IPA you’ve never heard of. The hazy brew is loaded with tropical fruit notes and tastes like biting into a pine-scented mango. It’s on par with many hoppy brews coming out of Vermont or San Diego. Best of all, you can find it on tap at any of Galway Bay’s pubs, and we wouldn’t blame you for drinking it at all of them. Link

Double IPA • ABV: 8.5%

The Best Bottle Shops

While finding bars in Dublin that serve Irish craft beer is becoming easier and easier, finding bottle shops that sell some isn’t. That said, you’re not completely out of luck if you want to stuff a checked piece of luggage. Here are a couple we’d recommend stopping at:


Located across the street from the tremendous bar, Against the Grain, Whelan’s is worth a stop. The small store is lined with bottles and boasts 150 different craft beers for sale. Not only will you find beer from Irish standouts like Blacks of Kinsale, Galway Bay, and Wicklow Wolf, but you’ll even find hard to get American offerings from Founders and others. (23 Wexford St.)

Drink Store

Another small shop with an impressive inventory, Drink Store is packed to the gills with Irish craft, American micros, and Belgian legends. The owners are more than willing to help guide you through the Irish bottles you need to try, which is great since it can be overwhelming. (87 Manor St.) Link

Others Worth Checking Out:



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