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One of These Days Drops a Fantasy Collection

The latest drop from menswear brand One of These Days is a surreal excursion into Americana.


Just when you thought your wardrobe couldn’t get any cooler, One of These Days drops their SS24 collection. Designed by the visionary artist Matt McCormick, this line, titled ‘A Fantasy,’ is a sartorial journey through the tumultuous ‘Summer of Love’ in America. Divided into three chapters, each piece tells a story of idealism, rebellion, and ultimately, disillusionment.

“The SS24 collection is a narrative unfolding in three acts, mirroring the rise and fall of the ‘Summer of Love’,” McCormick explains. Starting with the iconic Monterey Pop Festival, the collection captures the essence of the burgeoning counterculture through meticulously crafted pieces. From collegiate-inspired knits to embroidered floral camp shirts, every item in this limited-edition drop is a testament to McCormick’s artistic vision. And with only 13 pieces available, you’ll want to snag your favorites before they’re gone. Highlights from the collection include the Lost Highway Trucking Tee and the Stalks Camp Shirt.

But the journey doesn’t end there. As McCormick hints, the next chapters delve into the legendary Woodstock and the infamous Altamont, promising an exploration of the era’s highs and lows. With A Fantasy, One of These Days invites you to wear your rebellion proudly, embodying the spirit of a generation that dared to dream of a different world. Pricing for the collection starts at $90.

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