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One of These Days x Woolrich

One of These Days x Woolrich

In a harmonious blend of heritage and modern vision, One of These Days, the brainchild of the renowned artist Matt McCormick, has joined forces with the venerable Woolrich once more to deliver the Key to the Highway collection. This limited collaboration is a resounding tribute to the timeless appeal of classic American workwear. McCormick’s artistic insight beautifully weaves a narrative that pays homage to the hardworking spirit of America, using garments that have been essential in the lives of generations.

Key to the Highway showcases a captivating mix of reimagined workwear essentials. From plush sherpa fleece two-pocket work shirts to revamped down vests with distinctive western-shirt-style collars and suede accents, this collection embodies a genuine appreciation for American craftsmanship. The offering extends to robust plaid outerwear, striking graphic tees, and a limited edition blanket adorned with custom artwork by McCormick. Every piece, in its own way, serves a distinct function, reminiscent of classic workwear’s enduring practicality. This third collaboration not only stands as a testament to its predecessors but also propels both brands into a new realm of creative exploration. It’s a collection that reverberates with the echoes of the American dream, celebrating those who worked hard, earned their keep, and lived the evening they dreamt of.

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