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One of These Days Rings in Summer with PBR

One of These Days Rings in Summer with PBR

Let me ask you this: Is there anything better than a cold beer on a hot summer day? Not really.

Matt McCormick’s One of These Days seems to agree with me here, having recently announced his collaboration with iconic beer company Pabst Blue Ribbon. The favorite beer choice for hipsters, Midwestern blue-collar workers, and college kids alike, PBR’s brand is about catering to the everyman, which perfectly fits with the ethos that McCormick has created in his fashion line over the years.

Featuring three products in this capsule: a tee shirt, a pint glass, and an ashtray, each item is decorated with a classic PBR logo. One of These Days has given it their own treatment by nodding to vintage American design, making this a retro-fitted partnership that’s perfect for celebrating the unofficial start of summer.

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