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The Most Comfortable Undershirts You Can Buy

The Most Comfortable Undershirts You Can Buy

When it comes to undershirts there are two schools of thought. Some people will say that you absolutely have to have a v-neck so you can unbutton the top button without showing off the collar of the undershirt below, while the others will tell you that crewnecks are the only way to go. We like both options in different circumstances and firmly believe that every guy should have a collection of both for different occasions. We rounded up a collection of our favorites to present you with a list of the most comfortable undershirts you can buy.

Uniqlo Supima Cotton V-Neck

When it comes to men’s basics there’s no better place to start than Uniqlo. The brand has been delivering quality button-downs, chinos, jackets and t-shirts at affordable prices for as long as we can remember. The Uniqlo Supima Cotton V-Neck is the perfect example of the brand’s commitment to quality at a fair price. This Uniqlo v-neck is made with American grown, extra-long staple cotton known as Supima that’s built to last, retain colors and be comfy as hell (think fancy sheets of the last hotel you stayed in) regardless of which one of the six basic colors you decide to pick up. $10

Hanes Tagless Comfortsoft V-Neck (6 Pack)

No list of undershirts would be complete without the tried, the true and the classic Hanes undershirt. The Hanes Comfortsoft tee has come under fire in recent years for quality issues, but a few loose threads or a slightly crooked seam every once in a while isn’t reason enough in our book to exclude them from this list. At the end of the day you’re not buying shirts in six packs because you expect them to last a lifetime; you’re buying them because they’re cheap as hell and easily replaceable. We love Hanes undershirts for those reasons, but also because they’re as bright as a perfect pair of teeth and as comfortable as wearing nothing at all. And when they do inevitably get pit stains from sweat or deodorant you just throw them out and pick up a whole new multi-pack. $13

Fruit of the Loom Stay-Tucked V-Neck (6 Pack)

We’ll forgive you for thinking that the Fruit of the Loom Stay-Tucked V-Neck looks a lot like the Hanes option because, if we’re being completely honest, they’re almost identical and your selection depends a lot on personal taste and build. You still get soft 100% cotton construction, tagless and stay-tucked design, bright white (or other) color and a price tag that allows you to pick up four dozen shirts for less than a hundred bucks. In our opinion and experience, the only real differences between the two are personal brand preference and sleeve size. If you’re Fruit of the Loom loyal and you want a tighter sleeve these are the way to go. $12

RibbedTee Retro Fit V-Neck (Two Pack)

The RibbedTee Retro Fit V-Neck is a modern interpretation of the vintage TownCraft 50/50 cotton/polyester undershirts (that are still incredibly sought after in the secondary market) that’s widely considered to be the only real successor to the cult classic. Why is the RibbedTee option both an Esquire and Valet favorite? It’s buttery-soft, relaxed fit, lightweight, tagless and has a deep enough v-neck to stay camouflaged with two buttons undone without being so deep it’s cliché. It’s a little too sheer to wear on it’s own, but that’s also what makes this Made in the U.S.A. option such a great undershirt. $36

Calvin Klein Cotton Classic Short Sleeve Crew Neck (3 Pack)

At some point in your life you’ve probably worn something that bears the name Calvin Klein, one of the most iconic underwear brands in history. We’re all for the celebrity #mycalvins campaigns and the gorgeous people in various states of undress showing off the product, but the real selling points are the signature fit and feel. These 100% cotton tagless shirts are lightweight, comfortable and perfect for everything from undershirt duty and sleepwear to wearing solo or layering. These cotton “classic” shirts are exactly that in every sense of the word. $20

Mack Weldon V-Neck Undershirt

Mack Weldon has made it their mission to make all men’s daily essentials better, and the Mack Weldon V-Neck Undershirt is the perfect example of their years of effort. By combining equal parts pima cotton and beechwood modal with five percent Lycra they created a v-neck t-shirt that lays flat, wears comfortably with just enough stretch and is long enough to stay tucked all day without being so long you can’t wear it untucked. The slim fitting shirt won’t bunch, and it’s built with a unique forward shoulder seam that won’t dig in when you’re wearing a bag or a pack for long stretches. Think of it like an upgraded version of the basics you grew up with. $32

Alternative Apparel Organic Pima V-Neck

Incredibly soft, premium Peruvian organic pima cotton construction comes together with a perfectly tailored v-neck tee build in the Alternative Apparel Organic Pima V-Neck. You can wear it under a button-down or on its own with a pair of jeans. It’s light enough that you’ll hardly notice it’s there while not being so thin you’ll be cold with a light breeze. It’s a relaxed fit without being slouchy, and it’s designed and built to be worn, comfortably, throughout the day. And since it comes in gray, black, white and navy there’s a color perfect for any wardrobe… regardless of color palette. $46

Derek Rose Ethan Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Before you decide we’re absolutely insane for recommending an undershirt that costs almost a hundred dollars, hear us out. This Derek Rose short sleeve t-shirt (full name Ethan Micro Modal Stretch Silver) combines a decade of experience building micro modal classics with a simple t-shirt silhouette to create what we think is the best undershirt out there. It’s moisture-wicking and lightweight. It’s comfortable and stretches with you but still retains its shape over time. This ultra soft tee is one you’re going to want to live in, and since it’s one of the most durably built shirts out there, we won’t fault you for wearing it out with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a night on the town. $95