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PSA: It’s Time To Upgrade Your Undergarments and Stop Buying Cheap Underwear

PSA: It’s Time To Upgrade Your Undergarments and Stop Buying Cheap Underwear

While countless words have been written about the merits of a good suit, there are far fewer on the benefits of good underwear. Which is odd when you really start to think about it. While a suit may give you the confidence to walk into a boardroom, a nice pair of underwear gives you the confidence to bare it all in the bedroom.

But the reality is that most guys–I’m including myself here–don’t often think about the benefits of a good pair of underwear. Like, a really good pair of underwear, not the multipack you pick up at the department store. Instead, we trudge along each day, trying to discreetly adjust our junk when no one’s looking or try to get used to the inner thigh rubbing brought on by an ill-fitting brief.

For the uninitiated, a lot of guys think that buying “nice” underwear is only relegated to women. I find this to be not only untrue, but also a little sad. Yes, women may have more choices when it comes to their undergarments, but that doesn’t mean men can’t enjoy feeling comfortable in their own skin and benefiting from better fabrics while doing so.

You see, cheap underwear just isn’t good. While you may think that it’s a workhorse garment, a pair of underwear’s utilitarianism is the exact reason to invest in something better. Between pinching, bunching, sweating, and tearing, cheap underwear doesn’t just feel uncomfortable, but it can also cause a multitude of issues which, when added up, just don’t outweigh the few dollars you’ll save on going cheaper versus buying well.

First, is the fit. No matter if you’re a briefs, boxer-briefs, boxer, or even jockstrap kind of guy, fit is crucial to an overall comfortable experience. Depending on your anatomy, you may feel comfortable in a fitted brief to hold your boys in place or a boxer to let everything hang freely. But when you buy cheap underwear, the fabric begins to wear down after a couple washes, meaning the fit will inevitably be off. By going with an option that’s not only well-constructed, but made of a solid material like cotton or even a merino wool blend, you’re looking at longer wear time and a prolonged fit.

Let’s not forget that a higher quality fabric will also mean more breathability and less odor. Our underwear puts up with a lot down there and the less breathable it is, the more you’re risking unpleasant odors from sweat buildup. Over time, that scent gets harder and harder to remove and now you’re stuck with a whole drawer of crusty-ass undies. Couple that with rougher cotton and synthetic blends, which can irritate skin with long term rubbing, and you’re just asking for some unsightly rashing and smells at the groin.

Fit and fabric play one last crucial role when upgrading your underwear game, and that’s feeling sexy in what you’re wearing. A sagging old pair of briefs will definitely hide the parts you’re trying to show off. A good pair of underwear that doesn’t lose its shape won’t just keep you comfortable, but it’ll drape nicely across your front and back, offering support while also giving a little teaser for someone else to enjoy. Brands outside of the run-of-the-mill, economical options often offer a little something extra for the visuals, including butt lifting or bulge enhancing. And, really, who wouldn’t want to see a little something extra when they’re looking down?

Overall, most guys I know think of underwear last when it comes to updating their wardrobe. In doing so, they’re not just doing a disservice to their bodies’ hygiene, but to their overall confidence. If you’re looking to begin incorporating some good pairs into the top drawer of your dresser, start small and gradually replace some of the older pairs. If you can’t remember where you got it, throw it out. If you can’t remember when you got it, pitch those, too. Ultimately, you need to balance comfort with style and once you look beyond the cheapest option on the rack, there’s a whole new world out there to discover.

And, trust me, your balls will thank you for it.


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