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9 Pairs of Better Underwear

9 Pairs of Better Underwear

No matter what kind of man you are, we’d be willing to bet that of all the style pieces you own, the one you probably give the least consideration to is your underwear. We’re guilty of it ourselves. When we need new undies, we typically default to the age-old classics like Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, or if we’re feeling classy, Calvin Klein.

It’s tragic, really, because your underwear is critical. How it fits, how it holds up to constant washing, how it feels—all things we tend to disregard in exchange for our more style-centric outerwear like t-shirts, jeans, watches, jackets, etc. Underwear is an important part of every man’s wardrobe, yet it takes a backseat to everything else nine times out of ten.

Well, damn it, that all changes starting right now. Here are 9 excellent men’s underwear brands you need to keep your eye on.


We don’t normally like boxers because they tend to bunch up and feel awkward, but the boxers from MeUndies are everything we never knew we could have from the flappiest kind of underwear. Made from 92% modal—a semi-synthetic, soft-as-a-baby’s-ass material—and 8% cotton, these boxers are guaranteed to not bunch up like traditional boxers, and feel like a looser, breathier boxer-brief. We’re big fans. $20

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon is a company that was started by guys, for guys. Their founders had the idea for the company when they were trying to shop for men’s basics in the isle of a major department store and realized the hunt for the perfect underwear was a grab bag of mediocrity. Everything in their store is great, but we’re biggest fans of their trunks. 47.5% long staple cotton, 47.5% modal, and 5% spandex, these garments ensure comfort and support, while not making it a chore to wear things like skinny jeans, chinos, or anything that isn’t a pair of JNCO’s. $22


The short story is that CDLP really, really gives a shit about men’s underwear, if you’ll pardon the unfortunate expression. The more elaborate explanation is that this Stockholm-based men’s underwear company cares about their packaging as much as they care about their completely modern products, which they design in Sweden and then have hand-crafted in a third-generation factory in Portugal. The end result is a product that truly is extraordinary. Their stuff (specifically, their Y-briefs, which we like the most), feature 95% blends of a material called lyocell, which is a material made from refined wood pulp. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it’s also incredibly comfortable. $27

Duluth Trading Company

We can’t think of a single thing we dislike about Duluth’s gear, so it should surprise no one that they made our list for their line of Buck Naked underwear. Their extra short boxer briefs are made of a blend that’s 93% nylon and 7% spandex, which means they’re not only about as lightweight as it gets, but they’re also moisture-wicking and anti-microbial treated to ensure no funky odors. They’re basically the perfect underwear. $20-$25


Tani claims they make “the world’s best, most comfortable men’s and women’s undergarments that will change the way you feel about underwear.” And while the stock photos on their website with the bros and the babes are a little cringeworthy, we have to say, they make a damn good underwear. Their Pursuit Hip Briefs are perfect for men who don’t like excess fabric, but aren’t quite into the whole tighty whitie thing. They feature Tani’s own patented eco-friendly active performance fabric (68% polyester, 26% Cupro, 6% elastane), which not only absorbs moisture, but is also specifically designed for sensitive skin. $45


Known for their self-proclaimed “yoga-inspired athletic apparel,” LuLuLemon isn’t exactly considered a premiere men’s underwear brand. But just because you didn’t know they were good at it doesn’t meant they aren’t. Example? Their Game On Boxer Briefs are built with a 7.5-inch inseam using LuLuLemon’s moisture-wicking COOLMAX fabric in order to keep things dry, comfortable, and ready for whatever you throw at them—whether it’s your daily commute or, more unlikely, yoga. $24


Saxx’s tagline is, “Saxx: Life-changing men’s underwear.” We wouldn’t exactly call the stuff life-changing, but it is really, really good. They’re built to take a beating, and it shows in all of their styles. Their Three-D Fit model uses nine individualized body panels to create a pair of underwear that fits like a glove, their Ballpark Pouches are engineered to keep your more important bits firm and secure without any skin-to-skin contact or chafing, and their Flat Out Seams ensure the tough, raised end of the seam faces outward and never makes contact with your skin, meaning a chafe-free fit all the way around. They offer a 100% comfort guarantee on all their products, but keep in mind that you’ll also be getting what you pay for, here—their underwear can cost upwards of $30 a piece. $30

Tommy John

One of those “premium underwear brands” people are always yammering on about, we actually love all of Tommy John’s products—from their Second Skin Square Cuts to their Cool Cotton Armory Briefs. The one that stands out to us the most, however, is their Go Anywhere line of underwear, particularly their boxer briefs. The Go Anywhere line features moisture wicking 4-way stretch performance fabric that’s antimicrobial and anti-odor, as well as their stay put waistband, a contoured pouch (their marketing copy features the text “Nestle the boys,” which we find comforting), and even a no wedgie guarantee. $25


Have you ever felt the supreme (almost guilt-inducing, frankly) comfort of a pair of silk underwear? Would you like to? Texere is a brand known for their 100% silk men’s and women’s wear, and their silk boxers are some of the best out there. We prefer their Board Room silk boxers (yes, we hate the name, too—their marketing copy is even worse) because they’re a little shorter and more fitted than their standard Country Club boxers (lol). Silly names aside, these boxers are 100% silk and feature French seams, one-button flies, and elasticized waistbands for supreme comfort. Seriously, these things will change your life. And for 100% silk, their prices aren’t even that bad. $25

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