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You Need Better Underwear. These 6 Will Have You Looking, and Feeling, Great

You Need Better Underwear. These 6 Will Have You Looking, and Feeling, Great

It’s a little ironic that some guys will drop $300 on jeans but wear value pack Hanes boxers underneath. But I’m here to tell you that there should be more attention paid to your undies, my friends, especially if you’re a self-respecting adult.

If you care about your appearance, that care should go for every part of your wardrobe. Underwear is no exception. Wearing something that fits properly not only looks better, but it makes you feel better. Well-fitting briefs also enhance your package and backside a bit, so your partner will like what they see, too.

Also, to state the obvious, think of hygiene. Underwear puts up with a lot. It’s the first and last barrier between a lot of bodily functions, and that may require some updating from time to time. Even with regular washing, the natural stain and odor resistance of fabrics begins to wear down, causing your boxers to get a little funky. This then becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to unpleasant smells (and worse, rashes).

But if none of that is enough reason to start paying more attention to your underwear, consider that ill-fitting underwear just isn’t good for the boys. Having a bit of support for your balls can help avoid unnecessary strain or injury.

So no matter what the reason may be, take this as a sign to open your underwear drawer and add a fresh new pair.

Calvin Klein Micro Stretch Low Rise Trunk

Calvin Klein Micro Stretch Low Rise Trunk

For all day wear and maximum comfort, Calvin Klein’s micro stretch trunk is a great option. It’s no wonder that Calvin Klein has reigned supreme in the underwear arena since the 90s. The silky poly-blend is breathable and thin, making them a great option even for the skinniest jeans.

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Mack Weldon Silver Trunk

Mack Weldon Silver Trunk

Mack Weldon utilizes the natural antimicrobial properties of silver and weaves the metal directly into the cotton fibers of this trunk. It has mesh cooling zones to keep everything nice and comfortable and the added hem on the trunk legs help avoid bunching at the crotch.

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Sunspel Superfine Cotton Two button Short

Sunspel Superfine Cotton Two-Button Short

As classic as they come, this boxer short has a retro feel to it à la American Gigolo. Made from a light jersey material, it has a bit more oomph than a traditional cotton boxer short while still giving one the breathability and movement that many boxer wearers love.

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CDLP Y-Brief

CDLP is a Swedish brand known for elevating essentials, and its brief shows that even the most basic garment can have some aesthetic upgrades added. It’s made from lyocell (a type of fiber made from cellulose, the molecules that create a cell wall) and has a supportive front pouch, giving you ease of movement while keeping everything firmly (but comfortably) in place.

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Nice Laundry Slim Fit Boxers

Nice Laundry Slim Fit Boxers

While many think of boxers as those boxy things that you try to fit into your jeans, they can be quite stylish on their own. These from Nice Laundry can double as a lounge short thanks to a complementary cut and stretchy supima cotton.

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Uniqlo AIRism Boxer Briefs

Uniqlo’s famed AIRism material is perfect for underwear and these boxer briefs prove it. At a great price and a slim cut, you’re already looking at a popular option for everyday wear. The AIRism technology also offers drying, cooling, and deodorizing capabilities, which is everything you want in a boxer brief, if you ask me.

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