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Pimp Your Cubicle

Pimp Your Cubicle

It’s time to stop whining about not having a fourth wall to your office and start enjoying the space you’ve got. With a little bit of work, your cube could easily be the envy of the office. Here is some gear to get you started:

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1. Mosser – $26
Being confined to a cubicle all day can quickly suck the life out of you if you’re not careful. Adding some living greens to your minute office space is key, except bringing in a potted plant probably won’t fly with your already cramped legs. Mosser is the perfect little desktop pick-me-up that requires very little attention so you can stay on top of those TPS reports.

2. New Rules of Work Posters – $85 (Set of 5)
Please don’t put up a hang in there kitty poster on your unstable wall. First of all, you’re a grown man. Second, that poster is played out. These New Rules of Work Posters are typographically sharp and easily relatable to your day-to-day activities around the office.

3. Vertical Calendar – $14
To the match the minimalistic stylings of your clock, The Vertical will handle all your organizational needs without cramping your desk space. The cube calendar lays flat against one of your walls (hopefully you have one available) and offers easily seen reminders on when your work is due. It even makes identifying your precious weekends simple.

4. Cargo Containers – $24
We go through pens at an alarming rate. This is not because we bleed each dry, it’s because we are constantly misplacing them. Grab yourself a few of these cargo containers to keep your Sharpies in order.

5. Lion’s Roar Staple Remover – $78
Your cube might say “Entry Level,” but this staple remover suggests you’ve got your eye on the corner office. That’s a lot to be said about something as simple as a staple remover.

6. Mini Elefan – $75
Being in a room with a plethora of cubes means you’re unlikely to be the primary controller of the thermostat. It also means a large fan between your walls is not ideal. The Mini Elefan sits right on your desktop and provides a breeze when your boss doesn’t want to run up the AC bill.

7. 5 O’Clock Clock – $95
This minimally styled wall clock combines sophisticated design with just a bit of humor. It not only signals the start of happy hour, but it does so while making it appear like your drink of choice is a fine Scotch.

8. Desk Dock Phone – $150
With so much of our business calls being taken on our iPhones, the Desk Dock Phone allows you to keep yours charged and at the ready. Besides being the most stylish telephone in the office, its also far more useful (unless you really enjoy making funny announcements on the intercom).

9. Bodum Chambord French Press – $30
The coffee in the breakroom tastes like a prehistoric tar pit. Of course setting up your own in an already crowded space may not seem worth it. For an afternoon shot of energy that actually tastes good, turn to this small French press.

10. Buckybars – $25
Being productive at work doesn’t mean always working. Sometimes you have to take a breather to clear your mind. When you’re not Facebook stalking your ex or mindlessly wandering the internet, messing around with some Buckybars is an addictively fun way to relax for a bit.

12. Modern Wood Waste Bin – $149
Sure it’s hard to justify spending over $100 on something that will hold your apple cores and used tissues, but this Modern Wood Waste Bin oozes elegance. If you really want the coolest cube in the sales pit, it will go a long ways in assuring that. Listen, if you’re up for a promotion against someone equally qualified and the boss sees you have a wooden trash bin, well, that job is yours (and probably access to the company jet as well).

13. Industrial Task Lamp – $69
Not only is the Industrial Task Lamp an awesome looking desk light, its slim design makes sure it’s not constantly in your way. The yellow also adds some brightness to your normally gray and dull work day.