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The pen is a mighty sword greater than itself. It’s a tool of mass construction. It grants the power to move nations, to touch people’s hearts and souls, and to make something from nothing. It’s also incredibly useful when paired with a pocket notebook for keeping track of to-do lists, day-to-day operations and everything you need to get done. You won’t find a better writing implement than the stainless steel, refillable, twist-open Baron Fig Squire pen. It’s simple, sleek, useful and built to last. Upgrade your kit and get your Baron Fig Squire pen today.


Frē is changing nicotine pouches for the better with their fast-acting, high-impact and tobacco-free alternatives. They’re available in 9, 12 and 15 milligram strengths with 5 different flavor options so you can easily enjoy your nicotine wherever you are. Unlike traditional nicotine products, Frē is convenient, clean & spit-less, which makes it a discreet alternative to cigarettes, dip or vaping.  There’s even an exclusive promo for 30% off with code MATERIAL at checkout when you get your Frē today.

WARNING: This product contains non-tobacco nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.