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Get a Job on the Railroad with the OMEGA Railmaster

Get a Job on the Railroad with the OMEGA Railmaster

Aside from staunch traditionalists and divers, we can’t think of anyone who really uses their watch as a tool anymore. As much as we like them, most of us consider them accessories. We use them, definitely, but they’re not indispensable the way they used to be.

For example, before the advent of clocks on every single screen, device, wall, tower, and storefront, there were still jobs that required people know the time. The problem was certain jobs messed with the function of normal wristwatches. That’s why, in 1957, OMEGA released the original Railmaster. It was designed for anyone whose job encountered significant electrical fields, like the ones railway staff worked under and around all day. The Railmaster was anti-magnetic, reducing or eliminating electrical interference with railway staff timepieces.

This watch is the modern version of the 1957 release. It pulls the main features of the original release while updating the design and technology to reflect the changing tastes and advances of a modern world. It’s still anti-magnetic (thanks to its self winding Caliber OMEGA 8806 movement, it’s able to resist magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss, which is a little stronger than an NMR spectrometer), retains a Chronometer certificate, and has the same kind of water resistant as a diving watch.

There are a few different versions and you’re welcome to check out any of them, but we’re partial to the denim-inspired model. The dial has a vertical brush “blue jeans” finish and really looks like OMEGA cut up some new jeans to make the face and strap. We know they didn’t, because then the price would be way lower and it wouldn’t be an OMEGA watch, but it’s still surprising how professional looking the company was able to make a watch inspired by casual pants.

Though not too professional. There are a few not-black suits we could wear this with, and we wouldn’t feel like we were cheating it if we brought it out for business casual meetings or lunches. It’s a good looking watch that would fit in a variety of situations and we want to show it off.

That is, we would, if the denim version wasn’t sold out. The other styles are still in stock, so check through the other five to see if there’s something you like more. For the denim lovers with us, we’ll have to sign up for restocking alerts. $4,900