Why pack a blanket and venture out into the heat this Fourth of July when you can enjoy a spectacular fireworks display from the comfort of your own home? No, we’re not talking about watching someone’s crummy iPhone video laced with muffled oohs and ahhs, we’re talking about something far better. Thanks to the popularity of drones and action cams, some fine folks have recorded colorful explosions from a whole new perspective. Here are our favorite drone fireworks videos for you to play on loop this holiday:

Fireworks Filmed with a Drone

Here you go, this is 4 minutes of firework porn courtesy of a DJI Phantom 2. While the music may make you think of the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer, the video is as close as you’ll get to safely sticking your face in an exploding firework. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the show from your computer chair.

GoPro: Fireworks From a Drone

While this video is only a minute long, it features explosions happening right in front of the camera. GoPro clearly wanted to deliver the sense of excitement their cameras are often associated with. They did just that.

Fireworks Showdown

Let’s switch it up a little. This Fireworks Showdown, which is also from GoPro, features Jeremiah Warren firing some handheld fireworks in slo mo. It won’t remind you of the night sky on the Fourth, but it will remind you of all the shenanigans you pulled after you had too many celebratory beers.

2015 Detroit Fireworks

The city of Detroit serves as a backdrop for this fireworks display, and while you don’t get tossed in the action like the aforementioned GoPro video, you do get the city lights and sights as a bonus. It’s another short video (a little over a minute), but it’s worth a watch.

Fireworks In Reverse

After using a DJI Phantom Vision 2+ to capture some fireworks exploding over Decatur, GA, in 2014, Matt Sloane wondered how cool those fireworks would look in reverse. So he went ahead and found out. This is the result, and the answer is: pretty awesome.


This video gives you almost exclusively a bird’s-eye-view of some fireworks, with many exploding directly beneath the drone’s camera. It makes for a unique look at something you’ve seen every Fourth of July. You know how when you fly over your home town it feels completely foreign? That’s kind of how you’ll feel about those colorful explosions while watching this.

Jackson, TN

Filmed above The Ballpark a Jackson, a minor league baseball stadium formerly known as Pringles Park, this video was shot with a DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter, which is a $3,000+ beast of a drone. It’s another short but solid video of the night sky being filled with snap, crackles, and pops of color.


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