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When it comes to submarines–who are we kidding here, we don’t know anything about submarines outside of pop culture, but if we did, we’d want to go out in style–which brings us to the Bond villains, the penultimate (I love submarines) class as it were.

While submarines have been used as transportation devices since the turn of the last century, they haven’t really become the luxury and well-appointed escape vehicles we’ve come to appreciate them for until recently with the rise of great bad guys that appropriate them for their nefarious needs. And yet, all of us commoners could still enjoy the 85 M2 Sundeck, Michelin-star underwater restaurant, one-of-a-kind casino, world’s-most-unique-conference-room, and other amenities without setting foot on dry land. This is what the gargantuan U-Boat Worx UWEP has to offer. It’s not for everyone, but that’s a perfect vacation for a lot of us. We’ll catch you somewhere between the Miami Port of call and, well, we’ll never tell.v


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