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The Maldives is filled with opulent, over-the-top and completely ridiculous hotel and housing accommodations that make it a prime destination for a unique summer vacation or a honeymoon. The Soneva Jani resort is joining the likes of the Muraka underwater hotel suite on the list of “if money is no object destinations.” Rather than focusing on a single room, Soneva Jani is a collection of different water villas and island sanctuaries set within a lagoon of crystal clear waters and lush greenery. Each one of the separate, overwater villas is accessible through a long, winding path that connects them to the mainland while still keeping your personal waterslide, retractable roof and outdoor bathroom activities completely private. Rooms at the Soneva Jani resort are available for around $2,400/night depending on when you’re staying and which villa you want. It’s pricey for sure, but it’s also a once in a lifetime experience.


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