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As much we love the noise, ambiance and character that you’ll only get staying in the heart of town, there’s something to be said for the completely disconnected experience you’ll only get at a great off-the-grid Airbnb rental. We’ve covered plenty of great options in the past, but few can compare to the Skylodge Adventure Suites situated off the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru. The private Skylodge Adventure Suites is composed of 3 separate transparent pods with a maximum capacity of 12 people that give you the opportunity to sleep among the stars in a hanging bedroom with a truly epic landscape all around you. In order to get to the Skylodge you’ll have to climb Via Ferrata or hike the intrepid trail through ziplines, but the final destination is more than worth the effort you’ll expend on the slightly perilous trek.


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