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10 Great Off-the-Grid Airbnb Rentals

10 Great Off-the-Grid Airbnb Rentals

Airbnb has opened up a world of traveling possibilities. You’re no longer locked into hotel locations and prices. And while the company and hosts have given you more options in crowded cities and standard travel spots, they’ve also provided some off the beaten path. Yes, Airbnb is a godsend for the outdoorsman. For the times you want an adventure that doesn’t involve pitching your own tent, consider one of these killer stays courtesy of Airbnb.

Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano

This is nothing like the fairly unsafe structure you helped build as a kid. This treehouse is tucked away in the rainforest in Hawaii next to a volcano and offers incredible views when you step out the front door. The treehouse sits in the ohia trees over a lava tube and offers access to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The one bedroom treehouse even has a hot tub you can relax in while looking out on the amazing foliage. ($225/night) Link

The Gold Rush Cabin

Standing alone among towering Jeffery pines, this cabin offers some serious peace and quiet. Built in 1870, the cabin was originally the home for a family who moved west when the Gold Rush happened. It’s the oldest wooden building in Southern California and a throwback to a time gone by. Gold not guaranteed. ($99/night) Link

Private Fiji Island

If your reason for leaving the city behind is to enjoy some solitude, here you go. Nanuku Island is a 10-acre piece of heaven that you can enjoy all by yourself (or with up to nine guests). It’s your own private island for the duration of your stay, aside from the turtles, sea birds, and other exotic animals that call the area home. Your rental includes two buildings, one with rooms and sleeping space, and another with the kitchen and more space for guests. ($500/night) Link

“Half Moon” Off-Grid Cabin

Like the idea of the just having the necessities, but would rather have a bit more shelter than a tent? This off-grid cabin in the Six Rivers National Forest should suffice. The simple, rustic cabin was built by hand and is situated next to a few similar cabins along with some goats, dogs, frogs, and all the natural beauty you can handle. Inside you’ll find an old woodstove, a bed, and little else. You know, for kinda roughing it. ($50/night) Link

ElquiDomos Astronomic Hotel

If your favorite part of a camping trip is resting your tired body after a long day of hiking and looking up at the stars, this is the stay for you. The geodesic abode is one of seven of its kind in the world. The roof is detachable so you can gaze at the sky whenever you please. There’s ample terrace space, a two story design, and even some literature on astronomy so you can appreciate what you’re looking at while you rest your head. ($190/night) Link

Austrian Igloo

More of a cold weather enthusiast? Well, tucked away in Tyrol, Austria is an igloo village you can be a guest at. You and up to five friends can spend the night in an actual igloo with some sheep skin mattresses while you down shots at the ice bar. Easy access to the slopes and a warm restaurant for the times it gets to be a bit too much for your North Face jacket and gloves.($115/night) Link

French Cable Car

This one is tricky because you actually have to win a stay, you can’t just go off and book it. But if you and your friends are the lucky (up to interpretation) winners, you’ll spend the night 9,000ft up with views adventurists would kill for. The best part is you’ll be the first one carving down Courchevel’s slopes in the morning. The claustrophobic crowd probably shouldn’t apply. Link

Mushroom Dome Cabin

A simple but funky little cabin located in Aptos, CA. The Mushroom Dome Cabin is one of the highest rated outdoor stays on Airbnb. It feels isolated and removed from the world, but you can get to stores, the beach, hiking trails, and more all in 10 minutes or less. Hit up Big Sur in 1 1/2 hours if you need more outdoor activity. ($110/night) Link

Private Bungalow in Jurassic Park

No, not that Jurassic Park, this one offers lazy hammock evenings instead of Velociraptor attacks. The island off the coast of Costa Rica offers incredible scenery, little in the way of pollution, and two waterfalls withing walking distance of the property. The terrace looks out on the tropical valley and ocean making it an ideal spot to relax with a beer or two. ($35/night) Link

Sioux Tipi

You can stay up in Woodstock, NY and rough it a little with this listing. For $150/night, you can spend the evening in an 18-foot Sioux tipi. The location overlooks a waterfall and has access to trails right around the corner. There are actual furnishings inside. ($150/night) Link

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