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When it comes to luxurious, extravagant, over-the-top, and otherwise absurd–especially when it comes to architecture–the first place that should come to mind is Dubai. The Burj Khalifa might remain the tallest building in the world for the foreseeable future with it’s almost 3,000 ft height, but the next upcoming project in Dubai has its sights set on 1.261 billion feet from the surface of Earth…which would be the Moon. The proposed MOON resort–designed by the appropriately named Moon World Resorts, Inc.–features an enormous, 700+ foot diameter building with thousands of luxury suites, hundreds of private residences, special clubs, event centers, spas, retail spaces, and lounges, among all the other amenities you’d expect to find at a place that might as well be named Disney in Space. On that note, and in the spirit of the all things lunar, the pièce de résistance is said to be a virtual lunar experience rivaled only by NASA’s simulators.

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