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Volant 3-In-1 Headphones

Volant 3-In-1 Headphones

Volant Sound is a new audio startup out of London that is going to completely change the way you listen to music and watch videos with their new 3-in-1 Headphones. By combining the versatility of earbuds with the comfort of normal headphones and the freedom of Bluetooth, they’ve created one pair of headphones that will replace every other pair you own. It all works around a patent-pending switch mechanism built into the outside of the headphones: slide it up, insert the earbuds and sound will be re-routed to what is now a pair of wired headphones. Or, reverse the process to use the Bluetooth headphones or earbuds separately. You won’t find any rough edges like you would on other transforming project because Volant’s Headphones are nothing but clean lines and British luxury.

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