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Many of the most proper current intellectual properties that have gone on to become huge blockbusters were written at local coffee shops on random pieces of paper or whatever laptop was around. If you want to finish work on the next Harry Potter, Squid Game, or your own personal magnum opus, you need to check out the Astrohaus Freewrite Traveler Portable Typewriter. This portable typewriter does one thing, and only one thing, writing, and it does it extremely well. No Internet browsing, email, notifications, status updates, or any of that other modern connectivity nonsense. E-ink screen with zero glare and no eye strain. Full-size scissor-switch keyboard with a great mechanical feel. Incredible four-week battery life. Constant background saving onto the internal flash storage. Enough space for over a million pages of drafts. All of those crazy features are packed into a super lightweight and portable form factor that takes up half the space of a normal laptop. If you’re only concerned with being productive, this is the device for you.


When it comes to keeping track of the time–whether you’re traveling around the world or surviving for months in the woods–there’s no substitute for a good watch. That’s where the Vaer D4 Solar Dive Watch comes in. Powered by light (sun, lamps, candles or anything of the like) and assembled in the USA, this 20ATM watch has a double-domed sapphire crystal, 2 interchangeable straps and the ability to function stylishly in any condition including extreme ocean depths. Even better, pricing starts at just $329 (with free shipping & returns), so get your new Vaer watch today.