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Teenage Engineering has made a name for itself by crafting eye-catching tech for the modern age. Their flagship product, the OP-1 Field Synthesizer, has been treated to a refresh. You’ll find a sleek anodized aluminum case for a slim silhouette. In terms of hardware, Teenage Engineerings boasts 100 new features including: Bluetooth MIDI, 24-hr battery life, stereo throughout the whole signal chain, 32-bit audio, and more. Aesthetically, the color palette has been updated and there’s an all-glass high-res display. All of the graphics have been reworked and there’s now a USB-C port and 4-pole audio jack. For gearheads and audio enthusiasts, this is a stunning, high-performance synthesizer perfect for field recordings and home use. The all-new Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Synthesizer is available now for just under $2,000.


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