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Teenage Engineering EP–133 K.O. II Beat Sampler

Teenage Engineering EP–133 K.O. II Beat Sampler

Teenage Engineering, the Swedish masterminds behind the iconic Pocket Operators, have upped the ante with the EP-133 KO II, a synth and sampler that’s a leap into pro-level territory. Nestled in a sleek enclosure reminiscent of their premium TX-6 mixer and TP-7 field recorder, the KO II boasts a hybrid display, pressure-sensitive keys, top-hat knobs, and a fader—all packed into a compact 240 x 176 x 16 mm frame. Despite its iPad-sized footprint, this powerhouse features 999 sample slots, 64 MB onboard memory, and a palette of percussion, bass, and synth sounds.

With a revamped sequencer, six effects, and the ability to handle nine projects with up to 99 patterns each, the KO II is a groove maestro’s dream. Complete with a built-in speaker, sampling microphone, and versatile connectivity options, it’s a pocket-friendly powerhouse for music creation. Grab yours for $299, and don’t miss the chance to accessorize with boxing shorts, a hoodie, or a carry bag—because making beats just got a whole lot cooler.

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