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If you’re anything like us, you have multiple pairs of headphones for different tasks. One pair is for music. One pair is for conference calls. One pair is for everything else—which really means it’s a combination of the first two situations. Regardless of what you use your headphones for, Elevation Lab’s The Anchor is a mounting system for you. Using the same ultra-strong adhesive that GoPro uses, each Anchor Stand mounts under your desktop, bench or table to hold two pairs of headphones. It mounts easily, de-clutters your space and uses solid, medical grade silicone to make sure two pairs of cans stay exactly where you need them at all times.

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If you thought you had a backpack that did it all, you’ve obviously never seen the Byrna Ballistipac. The Byrna Ballistipac is a bulletproof backpack that provides peace of mind and added protection in emergency situations. With its selection of armored panels, the Ballistipac can shield against bullets and other projectiles, making it a valuable tool for survival in dangerous and otherwise life-threatening situations. Oh yeah, and it works as a backpack too so you can carry all your essential survival gear and daily essentials. Upgrade your personal security with the Byrna Ballistipac today.