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These New Moment Cases Will Improve Your iPhone Photography

These New Moment Cases Will Improve Your iPhone Photography

Moment already improved iPhone photography with their smartphone camera lenses and the original Moment Case, but they’ve taken everything one step further with these new releases for the iPhone 7/7+. The idea behind both the Photo Case and the Battery Photo Case remains the same: sleek cases that can easily have Moment lenses attached to them, that are as stylish as they are well-built. They delivered on all fronts even before you factor in their new wide lens that’s designed to take advantage of the new 1.8 aperture. Both cases can be attached to a wrist strap or neck holster, work with all the Moment lenses and will protect your phone. But if you want the closest to pro setup you’re going to get out of a phone, you want the Battery Photo Case. The built-in battery will let you shoot twice as long without having to carry separate cables because it recharges with Lightning, and the DSLR-like shutter button lets you shoot quickly and accurately without having to touch the screen. Regardless of which new Moment system you go with, it’s better than anything else on the market.

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