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Apple might have significantly reduced the size of the major updates to iOS, but you’re still going to run out of space on your phone at one point or another. Rather than having to worry about manually backing everything up to your computer, iCloud or even a cumbersome external drive, check out Memories Cable from PhotoFast. Using a lightning connector, USB and a special app from the AppStore, Memories Cable allows you to store up to 128GB of data (music, movies, pictures, etc.) on a cable no bigger than a modern car key—while still allowing you to plug one end into a USB outlet to charge your precious iDevice. It even allows you to backup your personal data and integrates with all your favorite cloud storage services.

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To access the preferred investment of global billionaires, you used to actually need billions. But not anymore. You just need Masterworks, the award winning investment platform. Masterworks allows you to invest in shares of contemporary art, an asset class that’s outpaced the S&P 500 by 164% for the last 25 years. It’s so easy to use that over 500,000 members are already benefiting. In fact, since inception Masterworks has delivered a 29% average Net Realized Return to investors. Cool Material subscribers can skip the waitlist.