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Marshall Headphones

Marshall Headphones

In the music industry, the name Marshall is a hard one to forget. If you were ever in a band when you were younger, you probably owned a Marshall amp. If you weren’t, you lusted after the one that one dude in that band had. With original pioneers like The Who, Hendrix and Clapton, it’s easy to understand that when Marshall talks music, you listen. Now they want to talk to you – through your music and device of choice – with a whole new line of headphones. The first offerings from Marshall Headphones are the Major (full-side collapsible “cans”) and the Minor (in-ear “bud” style). The Major is collapsible, has svelte ear cushions, and includes a 6.3mm adapter. The Minor has mic/remote and locking earpads. Both feature 15.4mm moving coil dynamic speakers, gold plated connectors, and iconic Marshall styling. Who are we to argue with the previously mentioned rock gods?

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