• Leica-M11-1
  • Leica-M11-2
  • Leica-M11-3
  • Leica-M11-4
  • Leica-M11-5
  • Leica-M11-6

When it comes to cameras and megapixels these days, the only thing most people care about is the resolution attached to their cellphones. We get it. Carrying separate cameras for instant photos or action videos makes sense, but a separate camera when you’re not a pro photographer doesn’t really make sense compared to the power of what you already have in your pocket…until now with the Leica M11. The latest M-Series camera has a full-frame BSI CMOS sensor with Triple Resolution Technology that can shoot stills at 60/36.18MP, along with an absurd ISO range a color depth, stupid dynamic range, unprecedented image quality and detail, multi-field metering, and the list goes on, and on, and on… Except for the fact that it’s manual-only, which is a blessing in our eyes. This modern, old-school piece is an immediate classic that will separate the serious from the pretenders. If you want one of the Leica M11 Cameras, you can add yourself to the waitlist with the link below.

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