Konnet iPhone iPod Portable Recharger

While we can’t necessarily say this of 100% of the people who own them, iPhones are pretty cool. They do some pretty cool shit, and they do it well. Unless the battery is dead, in which case it’s little more than expensive paper weight/oddly-shaped hockey puck. Prevent this hockey-puckification from happening with Konnet’s Portable Recharger unit. In dire situations, when you’re out of juice and that booty text business email must go out, you’ll have the capacity to do so.


If you’re anything like us, you’ve been spending the past few months wearing nothing but shorts, joggers and tees. Legends new Aviation collection features their first hybrid short and pant that are designed to maximize comfort, style and versatility–without breaking the bank. What separates them from the competition? Both feature soft-touch, 4-way woven fabric construction with a ribbed fabric elastic waistband for a more elevated look, along with water repellent tech for all day, everyday wearability. The joggers also have a straight gusset and rear knee panels to enhance mobility, along with a 4-pocket design to increase functionality. Upgrade your comfort with Legends.