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Insta360 ONE RS

Insta360 ONE RS

The specs on the Insta360 ONE RS are amazing, even if you’ve been keeping up with the daily improvements in the action camera market. If we’re looking at the Twin Edition, the camera comes with a Boost lens and a 360° lens. The Boost lens allows for 4K 60fps video and 48MP photos, along with a 6K widescreen mode, and the 360 lens captures 5.7K 360 degree video. Either one will capture your outdoor excursions in excruciating detail, and this is without taking the upgraded stabilization, horizon lock, invisible selfie stick, and new HDR mode into account. If you want to spring for an extra lens, they also partnered with Leica to engineer a new 1-inch, wide-angle lens that promises even sharper, more detailed video than what comes in the twin edition.

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