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Inkar x Pininfarina iPhone Case

Inkar x Pininfarina iPhone Case

Do you have $10,000 to splash on a fancy iPhone case? Then we’ve got good news. Inkar has teamed up with Pininfarina on an exclusive, limited addition case for the iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro. The case is a love letter to the Italian design firm’s stunning concept car and sports details like a curved back and red line on the edge. Only 99 cases will be made and each one uses high-quality materials like dead-stock leathers from Pininfarina cars. Plus, 5 of these limited edition cases will be made with a hand-drawn red line for an added personal touch. The cases will feature an engraved serial number and the exact materials can be customized with options like leather, carbon, wood paneling, and more. The Inkar x Pininfarina iPhone Cases will go on sale on December 1st.

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