Discreetly and comfortably track your fitness and sleep habits with the tiny wireless Fitbit tracker. Just clip it anywhere while you’re out and about and Fitbit tracks your steps and burned calories. Clip it on your wrist at night and see how much quality sleep your getting. Walk within the base station and upload all of that data to the Fitbit website and check out your stats.


TROVA. The physical storage device that prevents inappropriate audiences from accessing jewelry, vapes, prescription/recreational drugs or other private items that require a certain level of… let’s call it discretion.  It’s perfect for larger pockets, backpacks, or vacation carry-on. And because the sleek design mimics a hard drive or battery, only you’ll know its contents. Unlock TROVA using your smartphone. Yeah. The key to this beauty is your freaking phone. This small but mighty accessory gives you worry-free mobility and worry-free is really all we’re looking for when it comes to travel products.