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Diagnl Ninja Camera Strap

Diagnl Ninja Camera Strap

Freedom of movement is something of paramount importance to men – it’s why tighty whiteys went out with the 80s. You want safety and security but you also want easy access and a little wind. It’s like having your cake and eating it too – except this is actually possible.  Since men’s underwear design has been at a relative standstill since the combination of boxers and briefs, Diagnl set about redesigning the camera strap.

When you want quality, utilitarian, almost hipster design, look no farther than the bike messenger. Diagnl started the Ninja Strap with a system of sliding webbing and buckles much like you would find on the strap of bike messenger bag. Then they added the necessary quick release, some acetal buckles (prevents wear on the camera), and paired it with two different lengths (25mm or 38mm) and standard colors (black / charcoal / navy / olive green). Let’s face it, why take the straps off when you can get your hands on the goods with a little sliding action? See it in action below.

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