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8 New Apps You Should Know

8 New Apps You Should Know

Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, just let us be your guide. This is a collection of our favorite new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.


With more than 250,000 podcasts and over 15 million episodes, finding something you actually want to listen to when you’ve exhausted your favorites can be a daunting task. RadioPublic functions like Pandora for podcasts. Pick a handcrafted playlist like Phoebe Robinson’s “Lazy Sunday” or Song Exploder’s “Influences and Inspirations,” or a playlist from one of their Podcast Librarians (yes, that’s a real job!) and listen until you run out of time or battery on your device of choice. You can literally push Play and listen to an endless stream of the over one billion minutes of podcast content available online. iOS Android


Billed as a way of “making healthy cooking sexy and simple,” Runtasty combines delicious, dietician-approved recipes for all aspects of your day with step-by-step prep videos and kitchen hacks that actually deliver on their sexy and simple promises. From fluffy protein pancakes and mixed salad with steak and avocado, to mango coconut chia pudding and pesto salmon with veggies, Runtasty has all the assistance you need to fuel workouts, eat healthier and prepare a meal quickly. We wouldn’t expect any less from the developers of the popular Runtastic exercise app. iOS Android


In preparation for their upcoming album—Humanz, out April 28—and North American tour, everyone’s favorite animated band has a released a brand new digital experience in a new app simply called Gorillaz. The Gorillaz experience puts you right in the middle of the Gorillaz house with Noodle, 2D, Russel and Murdoc through an augmented reality experience that’s as cool as it is quirky. If you like Gorillaz on any level you need to explore their house. iOS Android


Apple’s new Clips app shares features with every other “video story” app while also having a more robust suite of tools that are easy to use. Cut together movies and stitch together pictures before adding filters, emojis, music, captions and text (including a voice recognition feature that doesn’t require typing) with the easy to use interface. Once your masterpiece is complete, you can share it across all the popular social networks, along with sending it directly to recipients on iOS with the Messages app. iOS


Spending time at the local library is nowhere near as much of an event as it used to be because of the proliferation of digital delivery and free three-day shipping, but that dusty library card of yours has plenty of uses with Libby. Using only your library card, Libby allows you to check out thousands of audiobooks and ebooks from your local library free of charge. You can download for offline reading or streaming. You can check out zoomable graphic novels. Libby even synchronizes your reading or listening positions across multiple devices. Libby does almost everything you’d get with an Audible or Kindle subscription, but it does it for free with your library card. Android


If you’ve ever participated in a road trip caravan, you know how much of a pain in the ass it can be to keep everyone together with all the gas stops, red lights, bathroom breaks and snack runs. If you don’t want to go the old school radio route, Follow is a great app alternative if you’re going to have service for the entirety of the trip. The easy to use app pairs real-time, follow-the-leader navigation with hands-free audio directions and overlays it all on top of a familiar maps interface that’s dead simple to use. iOS

Pico Digital Film

Pico Digital Film is an app that pairs everything you love about being able to make a specific film selection when you’re shooting analog with the convenience of the camera you always have in your pocket—as long as you’re on iPhone. With eight different film selections ranging from MAX (vibrant color) to Noir (contrast black and white), Pico has everything you need to shoot food, vibrant sunsets and moody black and whites that all have the feel of an analog shot with the post-processing capabilities of digital and the convenience of an app. iOS

Today Weather

When it comes to weather apps, there’s a new one every week. Today Weather is different because it combines all the features you’ll need a few different apps to get with a dark and clean interface that is as beautiful as it is battery saving. Great location images. Forecasts for the day or throughout the week. Chance of rain for every hour of the day. Specific info about the air quality index. Sunrise and sunset details. Moon phases. Wind speed and direction. Daily weather forecast and severe weather alerts. You even get cool little animations in the home widget. Today Weather might be the best free weather app out there. Android