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The Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker Is New, Improved, and Affordable

The Beats Pill now comes equipped with a 24-hour battery life.


The Beats Pill is back and better than ever. This iconic Bluetooth speaker has been reimagined with a reengineered racetrack woofer and stronger neodymium magnets, delivering a more powerful, distortion-free sound. The updated tweeters ensure crisp, clear audio, while the 24-hour battery life keeps the tunes going all day and night. Plus, with IP67 dust and water resistance, it’s ready for any adventure, whether you’re poolside or at the beach.

But the upgrades don’t stop there. The Beats Pill now offers seamless compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, and you can even plug it into your phone via USB-C to give it a quick charge. For the audiophiles out there, connect it to your laptop for lossless audio playback. The new Beats Pill is set to elevate your portable listening experience to new heights.